Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The game made for people like me who loves shooter with almost endless possibilities to unlock weapons, equipment and who more and so forth. Compelling graphics but not to the levels of the competitor Battlefield 3.

The gameplay hasn't changed much from previous titles, but you will notice a slight nuance of "realism" in class "Sniper" (Sniper) than in previous titles was not present. The recoil of weapons remains, in some, exaggerated or surreal. In general there is also a choice of different classes, compared to Modern Warfare series, which means that you cannot create classes that are "exaggerated", i.e. who have many upgrades to make them out of balance than normal.
The level of play is the usual, very simple and affordable for everyone, which is the opposite of that adopted by his rival Battlefield, which turns out to be more elaborate and requires more time for learning the game mechanics.

The campaign mode is innovative for the Activision series. Unlike predecessors performance code: BOII has a history that can end up in different ways, depending on the choices that you make during the unfolding of events.

Thanks to this news, and history that, as in all series, is appreciated by fans of the series and also by casual player who purchase the game to simple curiosity.
In addition, but not least, you can choose the equipment that we will use in the various missions of the story. You can unlock special weapons, which are more powerful than normal, for the enjoyment of all.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops II is not present the system server, which means that to play online you have access to one of the many servers that the game and the player, who choose to acquire a server, put at our disposal. Which for many it can be a bad thing, but in reality, it turns out, personal opinion, which is very pleasant and functional.

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