Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition Tips

The most challenging RPG console world deserve a place of honor among PC gamers, and has finally reached the expected conversion of From Software's hand. Yes, it's a disastrous and shoddy port, but still the same great game that you could enjoy on Xbox 360 and PS3, and also brings new content much more substance than it appears. In his day and published an article with 11 essential tips to overcome Dark Souls, because if a game could resist thousands of players, this was it. The vast majority of them are still as useful today, but successive patches and new content "Artorias Abyss" have changed some rules. Whether you're a new player like you already got over on consoles, here are some extra tips so you do not break your neck. If you are a skilled player, you may search strategies and builds for PVP in full wiki.

Buy yourself a command and install the patch resolution

Anor Londo, impressive high resolution
This I have heard in all analyzes of the planet, but if you say it's for something. Keyboard and Mouse Play Dark Souls is the equivalent of driving a plane in the middle of a storm with medieval gloves: the perfect recipe for disaster. This game requires high precision, and not going to make more than one command. If you can be the official Xbox 360, better, because it seems that the traditional pads give certain buttons mapping problems. Yes, the game is so good that it is worth spending 30 euros on a command for him.

The increased resolution patch is completely optional, but seeing the amazing graphic enhancement that brings it seems a very tempting option, and more in a game with an artistic design as powerful as this. Easy to install in less than a minute to get what port programmers have failed in months. Here's the download. Regarding other mods that circulate and increase the rate of frames per second, not working in online mode, since the game is designed so that everyone plays at 30 frames accurate. And now, you lose the game best.

Get Artorias Great Shield as soon as possible

There are many shields in the game, but the best (at least for your first time) is undoubtedly the Great Shield of Artorias. No, it has the best stats, but it has something special: incredible stability. Even the beast just blows you will drop more than a small portion of stamina, you can handle doing a rain of espadazos without inmutarte and energy you still on to release a couple of swipes. If you are someone who is hiding behind a shield, do not hesitate to go for it as soon as possible. Heads hyperactive as the Demon Goat will crash again and again against the shield, and with the right level, all DLC bosses lost much of its punch (especially Artorias himself, who does not give a minute of rest).

To achieve this, you must defeat the wolf Sif in the bowels of Dark Garden, and bring your soul to the gunsmith Anor Londo, you will create a shield in exchange upgraded to +10. Yes, it requires some effort, but you will save tens of trouble in your first game, and a few in the second and subsequent.

Summons friends more easily

One of the worst things about Dark Souls on the PC version is that the invocations are harder to do than ever, thanks to a questionable online code and many people have bad ports open. If you want to stay with a friend and by many brands that put on the floor he does not get to call you to see your world, it is normal that the place makes its signal spectrum several times until it becomes visible. However, some users indicate that there is a simpler way to get seen. Apparently, whenever a spectrum puts his mark on the ground is assigned to a server, and if the host is not in it, will be able to see it. If replaced, the entire process is restarted, it is assigned another server, and just maybe the time has changed, the old brand find its host, resulting in an error. This is because there is a delay between when someone places a mark and that it appears in the world of another player.

The solution: The spectrum puts his mark, and assigns server 1, say. The host does not see him, but instead of waiting, he puts his mark every half minute or so, making the host itself is the jumping from server to server. When one reaches the server, see the mark of the spectrum, it takes a while active, and will call more quickly. In short: the host is the one to refresh your signal to give to the invoked. Yes, it's a strange method, but the forums are full of people who claim that it is much more useful. If you are a good friend agencies, have dominated half of the game.

Do not visit the DLC to be at least level 65.

If you come from the console version, it is tempting Oolacile visit soon to see what new areas await. Well, you will find a Guardian of the Shrine you will leave your face as a map in the blink of an eye. Unless you're an ax when dodging, you better stay away Oolacile area well into the game, preferably having defeated the Prime Evils, just before the end. So go with a decent level and you have a chance.

The new bosses are hyperactive

The Guardian of the Shrine lash against you every few seconds. Artorias not leave you a moment's respite. Magus attacks overtake you in the distance. Kalameet burn you if you're not careful. They all have something in common: every few seconds you will get hit. Or wake up well the Great Seal of Artorias and have patience (have to go cold turkey on strike) or armor you wear and you do well ligerita shooting like crazy. The area is for experienced players, and here a misplaced stroke can wipe out your whole life in an instant. Now it is quite normal to see signs of invocation, but if you run out of humanity or not you're lucky, you better choose one of two strategies and go to death with them.

When you're done with the extra area, kill all the characters.

I'm sorry, but in Dark Souls no room for pity.
Interestingly, none of the new characters in the Prepare to Die Edition are very important. Just sold little more than junk, not sorely missed. When we have finished everything we want to buy, it is murder, no matter how cruel it sounds. Kill the Pimp Marvelous Chester will not be a problem for many, but gives a little sorry killing Hawkeye Gough. Of course, before finishing with the latter killing Remember Kalameet before, as you will be given his bow. By ending Gough, for example, get your armor, a set that can not unlock it any other way.

CiarĂ¡n is a special case: as we return to go through a battlefield of Artorias we ask for your soul in exchange for his two arms, but not the bear, leaving it more profitable to fight to get them, so that the soul will retain to forge new and interesting weapons.

Farmea Humanity in the Abyss

No more children to farm skeleton in the ass of the Tomb of the Giants. Now there's an easier way to get humanity, and it is killing the Abyss Humanities. Near the last bonfire find a good group of docile souls who fall in seconds, and find almost every trip a treasured black (recommended put on the Ring of the Serpent). In a few trips, we Humanities sufficient to invoke, level up in Fraternities and open shortcuts, which is not bad.

Kill Magus, the Father of the Abyss, more easily

Two concepts: The Silver Earring and wolf Sif. The silver pendant is a useful subject of endless uses that will create a short (but useful) golf denial of dark magic around you, which is especially welcome in your fight against Magus, and even in PvP, if the other player throws you dark spells. Just do not get easier as it is well hidden, but here's a video with the steps.

Finally, after another against the Father of the Abyss should rescue the wolf Sif. During your walks along the cliffs dark found a wolf cub howling and mysteriously disappears. If you follow his appearances will come to an illusory wall placed in front of a spectrum of humanity, and within you can rescue the wolf Sif and get the Broken Shield of Artorias, which is not anything special. The best thing about doing this is that, during the battle against Magus, see a signal invocation on the floor if we are in human form. It appears Sif, who will fight on our side. While it hits hard, it will be ideal to distract the monster while giving few slashes in the back. Well, if we kill before facing Magus Sif, skip a very special video sequence in which we recognize our canine friend ... but that does not serve much:

Become the Dark Brotherhood before your second game, or you will regret

The second trip through the world of Dark Souls is much more difficult than the first, but thanks to your advanced equipment and experience the jump is not as noticeable. If you are someone who wants to see the content of the game and get all the achievements of the Brotherhoods, you better do the Dark Brotherhood missions before finishing your first game. How does one become a member of the Dark Brotherhood? Well simply ignoring Frampt Serpent (the Fire Sanctuary) and ending with the Four Kings of New Londo before placing the vessel on the altar of the Lord. That is, before killing Seath, Nito and Bed of Chaos. That is, with a relatively low level. This is relatively easy to achieve in the first game, but the second can be turned into a dead end.

The patches of the game have changed the difficulty of subsequent items, and the Four Kings, simple enemies in the first round, have become a nightmare in the second. Not only have they won in life and our shock resistance, also have attacks that pass through the shield stronger, something troubling when put together four screen. The invocation of the witch Beatrice, who both helped in the first round, now is completely useless, and worst of all, in our second round there is absolutely no one to be offered to end the kings. They are enemies so unpopular and difficult, that few players will see the sense to offer help knowing that it will result in death in most cases. Even at level 100, the Four Kings are an insurmountable obstacle alone, for many heavy armor and protection spells you have. If you want to complete the objectives of the Dark Brotherhood (perhaps the most fun for high level players), you better plan your trip well.

Given the tricks, Alt + F4

If something wrong with PC gaming, is how easily we can find people who have manipulated the game to sink the fun of others. To make hostile invasions spectra were not enough stress, some players play dirty and see that although the largest samll them backstabbing, your life will remain intact. In these situations we have two loopholes: or run to the final boss fog (with disastrous results most cases) or end the game with Alt + F4. Yes, it is a dangerous tactic, but suicide is to give the cheater what I was looking for. If we do it quickly (and you look out not auto saved icon), you chafaremos day. I found myself completely invisible enemy (not that take the Ring of Mist), untraceable, stabbed and killed me before I could touch it. Without doubt one of the worst feelings that the game can give.

Of course, if the invasion is legal, honorable fight to the death. It hurts, but Dark Souls is. 

• Do not use the Ring of Calamity gives you Kalameet

Unless you like sadomasochism, of course.

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